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How it all started.

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Athos Skateboarding was founded by Zander Cabinaw who combined his two passions of skateboarding and graphic design.  Zander received his first skateboard when he was 5 years old and has been honing his skateboarding skills ever since.  Art has always come naturally and he

started to dabble with designs for skateboards in the

4th grade.  He made designs featuring his middle name

"Athos," and drew on postage stamps to stick to the

bottom of tech decks. All through school Zander would

continue to make more and more designs featuring the

name Athos, until his freshman year when the first

product was released. The first Athos Skateboarding

product to exist was a blue crew neck with an "A" on

the chest and "Athos Skateboarding" on the sleeve. 

The first products were made using spray on fabric-

paint and stencils. After the crew necks got released 

the first decks followed, featuring a teddy bear the

graphic for the "Teddy decks" were made using spray paint and stencils similar to the crew necks. After this Zander wanted to increase the quality of his                                                       products, so after purchasing a screen printing                                                       machine the Heartbroken shirts were made. Along                                                 with the release of the shirts came keychains and                                                   stickers. Zander fell in love with the process of                                                         turning an idea into a real product. He got a job at                                                 a real print shop in order to learn more about                                                           screen printing and other ways to make quality                                                       products. Today Zander is joined by the whole                                                         Athos team to create our skateboarding                                                                   community. 

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